Borger Independent School District 12th Grade Graduate Profile


Borger Independent School District

12th Grade Graduate Profile


The graduate profile represents the core proficiencies graduates need in order to enter into today’s workforce and post-secondary education.  The fundamental goals shall enable each student to be a/an:


Effective Communicator – Students will master the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and nonverbal communication, critical to daily life in a complex society.  They will be able to relate to others in an articulate, effective, and efficient manner.


Problem Solver – Students will possess analytical and critical thinking skills in order to make decisions rationally and to manage problems and approach challenges systemically.  They will interpret and process information, assess the current and desired situations, evaluate potential outcomes, and successfully solve problems.


Self Directed Worker – Students will set priorities, create options, and develop plans of action as well as monitor and evaluate their progress.  They will display high standards of effort and the habits of hard work and smart work.


Goal Achiever – Students will understand the sacrifice and commitment to high expectations that is necessary to achieve goals.  They will demonstrate the ability to maintain effort, mental focus, and confidence as well as the capacity to cope with adversity that is necessary to successfully overcome obstacles.  They will have the skills and knowledge to achieve personal, family, professional, and financial goals.


Cooperative Team Member – Students will use effective leadership and group skills to develop supportive and cooperative interpersonal relationships with others in order to achieve group objectives.  They will respect and understand the contributions to diverse cultures.


Global Thinker – Students will have basic knowledge of politics, world issues, foreign affairs, and geography.  They will be aware of current events and be able to analyze and make informed decisions on issues affecting the national and international scenes.


Risk taker with Entrepreneurial Spirit – Students will be able to think critically, analyze situations, gain insight, and take calculated risks to achieve goals and objectives.  They will be able to survey the marketplace to find economic opportunities and have the confidence to think and act independently.


Proficient Technology User – Students will use technology as a tool to research, develop, and complete goals and objectives.  They will demonstrate knowledge of computers, essential software applications, and the effective use of technology.


Contributing Citizen – Students will contribute energy, time, and talent to improve the welfare of themselves and others.  They will display a sense of social responsibility and participate in the democratic process.  They will exhibit honesty and integrity, choose ethical courses of action, and take personal responsibility for their actions.